\Am”ber*gris\, n. [F. ambre gris, i. e., gray amber; F. gris gray, which is of German origin: cf. OS. gr[^i]s, G. greis, gray-haired. See Amber.]

1. A substance of the consistence of wax, found floating in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the tropics, and also as a morbid secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), which is believed to be in all cases its true origin. In color it is white, ash-gray, yellow, or black, and often variegated like marble. The floating masses are sometimes from sixty to two hundred and twenty-five pounds in weight. It is wholly volatilized as a white vapor at 212° Fahrenheit, and is highly valued in perfumery.

2. Punk/hardcore band from the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, usually found floating around various local bars and venues.

Just what the fuck is Ambergris? As you learn on their latest 2005 release “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” on Canada’s AMP Records, not only is Ambergris a smelly excretion from a whale used to make perfume, it is also a talented 5 piece punk rock band from Whitehall, PA. Originally formed in Catasauqua as a cure for boredom 30 years ago, Ambergris has been playing clubs, bars and all-ages venues in eastern PA and NJ on a regular basis since reforming in 2001.

The current line up consists of founding members Swill on bass, G on guitar and Steve Ambergris on drums. New members include vocalist Truman, who joined in 2002 and Art Attack, who joined the band in 2004. 

Ambergris plays a melodic old-school punk style blended with hardcore elements to produce an energetic live show and sound. Their driving sound combined with strong hooks, catchy guitar riffs and sing along choruses have made them a local favorite and they continue to grow in popularity among the younger generation of punks as well as the nostalgic older crowd. 

Following a pair of low budget, self recorded demos in 2002, Ambergris recorded their first full length CD “Here in the Valley” in 2003 on their own No Way Out label. Despite being sold exclusively by the band at their shows, “Here in the Valley” was a success, drawing high praise from existing fans as well as making fans of the many who have listened to it. 

Following a year and a half of playing out, booking their own shows and breaking in a new guitar player, Ambergris returned to the studio to record their best effort yet, “A Day Late And A Dollar Short.” The boys step up to a new level, putting together a solid CD of 12 songs that truly define the Ambergris sound. While searching for a manufacturer to press the new disc, Ambergris got the attention of Larry Retard at AMP Records from Canada, who gladly agreed to release the new CD and distribute it to record stores through Road to Ruin Distribution and direct to the public over the internet. “A Day Late And A Dollar Short” was recently acknowledged by winning an award for “Best Punk CD” at the 7th Annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards. 

To date, Ambergris have played over 80 shows together, headlining as well as opening for classic punk acts such as the UK Subs, The Pork Dukes, Wretched Ones, The Dickies and Peter and the Test Tube Babies. When Ambergris is not busy practicing or kicking back a few Red Bulls or brews at the bar before taking the stage, the band members like to spend a lot of time with their families and booking their own local shows. 

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Ambergris…


Guitar, Backing Vocals, Sweat

Guitar, Backing Vocals

Bass, Backing Vocals

Dinosaur Drums