Lyrics – A Day Late And A Dollar Short


Behind the hazel eyes lies something deep inside
It’s evil and malicious with the truths you cannot hide
You came in a pretty picture and wrapped up in a bow
Somehow I failed to see selfishness began to grow

I should have stayed away from your poisoned touch
I should have walked out and not cared so much
How was I to know temptation would lure me like it did
The siren song trapped in and now I can’t get rid…

There’s something wrong with you
Something wrong with you
There’s something wrong with you

Now the dagger’s in my chest dug in way too deep
Heart stopped, vision blurred, the blood begins to seep
And as I fall unconscious I look to the sky and see
The downfall of my existence was right in front of me…

There’s something wrong with you
There’s something wrong with you
There’s something wrong with you


Hey mister tough guy, take a look around
Looking for some brah respect where there’s none to be found
Look at little beauty queen, flirting like a ho
This ain’t the catwalk baby, it’s a fucking punk rock show

It’s so crystal clear, that you can’t fucking see
That’s not a stick up your ass, no, it’s a fucking tree
Self centered egotist, and that, there is no doubt
You’d start your own fires just to put them out

Time to close the book, we’ve got to turn the page
Cause I’m so sick and tired of all the players on the stage

Say you hated high school, the in crowd was so mean
Now you walk and strut your stuff, the cool guy of the scene
Got the band to get the girl now it’s cool to be you
Spouting off your nonsense, when you don’t have a clue

Time to close the book, we’ve got to turn the page
Cause I’m so sick and tired of all the players on the stage
When are you going to grow up?
It’s time to start acting your age
Someday you will realize
That you’re just a player on the stage
You’re just a player on the stage


In another messed up situation
Been betrayed and it’s aggravation
Feeling like a venom bite
Realizing it’s not alright

Say you’ve felt another heartbreak
And one more you know you just can’t take
You clamber for something to dull the pain
As it’s settling in once again

I can stay for just a little while
Good for now is your brand new style

I’m your bounce back
I’m your rebound
Just your pick me up when you’ve been let down
I’m that quick fix
When you’re in town
Always come back when you want me around

Now you know that I’m your man
An emergency back up plan
Help you forget about the past
We’ll take it slow or make it last

So if life’s a total bore
You can come up and knock on my door
And you know I’ll let you in
We can let the good times begin

I know break ups are hard to get through
But you don’t have to go it alone if you don’t want to


It was just a matter of time, before they took away your voice
It was just a matter of time, before they gave you no choice

They can try to change the constitution but it won’t stop the revolution
They can try to change the frequency but it won’t stop your destiny

They say it’s better for the nation, I say it’s time for liberation
Taking a stand in our homeland is the only way that we can be
Armed and ready to fight (we fight, we fight)

The guns won’t fall silent tonight

So the FCC gets stronger everyday, while they choose, citizens guide the way
Who are the ones that think censorship’s ok?
Who are the patriots that tell us what and what not to say?
My hands are tied as you tell me how to live
My ammunition’s in my voice and my rights I will not give


Hanging out at home on Friday night
Me and the gang were feeling alright
I turned on the radio and all I hear is bad retro
I want to hear some rock and roll tonight

Cruising down the road doing 75
Letting loose, just going for a drive
But everything on the radio, sounds the same and has got to go
I need something to make me feel alive

I wanna smash my radio
Wanna smash my radio
I wanna smash my radio
Tired of the noise on the radio

The story’s been told a thousand times before
But no one seems to care anymore
When you can turn the dial And find nothing that is worthwhile
The music scene’s become such a bore

Time to turn the radio off
Smash it up can’t stand the talk
You skip the songs we think are great
And make us listen to the shit we hate


So you’re tired of the same old story
You got the guts but get no glory
Got opinions but people cut no slack
You speak your mind and they just turn their back

Well it’s time to get up and try again
Go to the place that we’ve already been
A place that will greet you with a smile
A place where you’ll want to stay for a while

Sometimes you want to cry but it’s alright
And you wanna die but you’ve got to fight
You’ve got bridges to build and fences to mend
But you’re not alone you’ve got a friend…
In the house familiar

Times are hard and there’s no doubt
With life, luck and love you’re striking out
Got the facts that are so profound
You’re speaking up but they just cut you down

So baby girl just take my hand
And I’ll lead you to the promised land
Look around and you will see
Fitting in is not priority


I feel like I’m trapped in a fucking box
I’ve lost my key and you’ve changed the locks
I really really need to get away
I can’t take it anymore, trapped in here screaming on the floor
I really can’t listen to another thing you say

Girl you got me locked away, I know there’s no way out
Tied me up so you can’t hear me shout
Girl you got me dying here, I know I can’t get free
Won’t somebody come and rescue me

All the walls are closing in, and everything gets under my skin
I really really think I’m gonna crack
I can’t believe the way I feel. I can’t believe anything is real
I really can’t understand why I took you back

It’s slowly getting harder to breathe
I wonder what else you got up your sleeve
I really really need to break this curse
I wanna get out and get some space
But then I think of not seeing your face
I really think that feels even worse


Up in the morning at 6 am
Still I got no money to spend
Makes me crazy and I wanna scream
Bust my ass for someone else’s dream
I can’t wait to go home again

I hate my job and I hate you too
I’m sick of you telling me what to do
If you keep getting in my face
I’m gonna go nuts all over the place
I’m not gonna take anymore from you

I’m so sick of work and there’s nothing I can do
Kill myself for no respect – they haven’t got a clue

I’m not gonna kill myself
(kill myself for you)
I’m not gonna kill myself
(I’m gonna see it through)

Quarter after four, almost time to go
Cash my check and get some dough
Can’t wait to get home tonight
Gonna call the boys, it’ll be alright
But if you push me again, I’m gonna blow


Don’t believe anything you say
Don’t believe anything you say
Don’t believe anything you say
Why don’t you just go away

Everything you say is crap, you’re a liar and that’s a fact
No one can depend on you
Annoying asshole, double face, biggest jerk in the human race
No one can depend on you

Liar! Liar! Don’t believe anything you say
Liar! Liar! I wish you’d just go away

Lie to everyone you meet. Talking to you is a dead end street
No one can depend on you

Only look out for number one
You think you’re cool, and you think you’re fun
But no one can depend on you

Go away and leave me alone
Don’t try to call me on the telephone
No one can depend on you
Treat your friends however you feel
Lie and cheat and fucking steal
No one can depend on you


Sometimes you want to get away
From everything that you know
Sometimes you want to hit the streets
Just pack up your things and go

Well the highway’s white lines are calling my name
The horizon beckons and calls
Maybe we can try to escape
From the schools, jobs, and malls

And when the world’s got you down
And you’ve got no where to run
Get up on that exit ramp
Get out and find your fun

I love the blacktop
It gets me where I wanna go
Takes me to anywhere
And that’s the place I wanna know

So when the grind’s burnt you out
It’s time to get some air
Pack your boys into the car
And go to a place that doesn’t care
Doesn’t matter what direction
Makes you feel alive
All the roads are there for you
Whether it’s 80 or 95

Sometimes you wanna get away


We’re gonna go out and stay all night
Get a little crazy it’ll be alright
Tonight – We’re gonna get wild tonight

We’re gonna go meet up with the girls and boys
Raise some hell, make some fuckin’ noise
Tonight – We’re gonna get wild tonight

Work bell rings and I hit the road
Gotta get home and get to the show
Tonight – We’re gonna get wild tonight

Stayin’ up till dawn won’t take it’s toll
I gotta get somewhere and play some rock n roll
Tonight – We’re gonna get wild tonight