Lyrics – Dinner Music


I never got the chance to know you
I would’ve shown you everything
It wasn’t my choice – no not my choice at all
We never really thought it through
Sometimes the unexpected
Can make life difficult, it makes life difficult

I should have spoken my mind
Maybe you’d be here
And I wouldn’t feel this pain No I wouldn’t feel this pain

I really didn’t have a choice
She wouldn’t listen anyway
What could I do, just sit back and wait

Years ago you were a part of me
And on that day I lost you
Part of my world had died, it just plain died


Another nervous night
Like every other night
But this time he won’t come home
Instead she’ll answer the phone

The call she didn’t want to hear
From wife to widow in just one year

The badge he proudly wore
It just meant something more
Than just a 9 to 5 day
He wanted it that way

He told her when he said ‘I do’
She knew the risk, but loved him too


That once proud house is not my home
On the streets, I’m on my own
Thought I’d make something of myself
Now I play the cards that I’ve been dealt

I’m tired of the street
With nothing to eat
I thought mom and dad loved me
Throw away child

I did my homework just like I was told
Still I was kicked out in the cold
My drunk ass dad didn’t give a shit
Beat me and mom when I got sick


I feel it coming on again
The slight tightness in my chest
And then the sweat starts to flow
My heart starts pounding
My stomach starts churning
I feel like I’m going to die

Why won’t it go away
Anxiety, is killing me
It’ll take me to my grave

That painful, uneasy feeling
It keeps me awake at night
It takes control of my life
My hand starts shaking
My eyes starts twitching
It happens I don’t know why


There was a time when I liked to play
When nothing was on my mind
Hang out with my friends after school
Leave my little troubles behind

Where did all the fun go?
What happened to my dreams?
It seems the dollar got in the way
And took my hopes away

Is it worth it?
To sell your soul, To make a buck
Will it make you whole, To give up all control

Now that I am stuck behind this desk
The hell I chose for myself
So I can live in a nice house
And build a nest egg of my wealth

When I look at myself
And see what I’ve become
I think how things used to be
Where is the real me

When I am old and see my life
And think of all that I’ve done
I hope that I can look back
And be proud of my son

Will he follow in my tracks?
Or will he think for himself?
Will he see what it did to me
To have prosperity


The falling snow my failing mind
I keep running but I’m left behind
I watched it go it went so fast
I don’t know how my life will last

Each time I look back on my life
I can’t remember who was my wife
When I think of how things went
I can’t believe my life’s been spent

I’m not too sure why
I can’t remember anything
But I know I’ll never lose my mind