Lyrics – That “Not So Fresh” Feeling


I’m so bored, I got nothing to do
I sit around here just looking at you
And I’m so bored I got nothing to say
There’s nothing to talk about anyway

I’m so bored, I got nowhere to go
What’s there to do, I don’t even know
And I’m so bored I got nowhere to be
I gotta get out and I gotta get free

I’m going out of my mind
There’s something that I gotta find
Give me! Give me! Something to do
Give me! Give me! Something to do

I’m so bored I can’t take anymore
I stay at home and just sit on the floor
And I’m so bored cause I’m stuck in my room
I’m gonna go nuts if I don’t leave here soon

I’m so bored I got no one to call
I’m staring at the light blinking in my hall
And I’m so bored I think I’ll just go away
There’s nothing to do here anyway

I’m so bored sitting here at work
My job is the pits, so I act like a jerk
And I’m so bored that I wrote this song
I hope it sounds good and it’s not too long

I wanna wanna have something to do
I wanna wanna have something to say
I wanna wanna have somewhere to go
I wanna wanna have something today
I’m bored


Listening, is what I need to do
Not talking, for me is nothing new
How can it work if I don’t open up
I want to tell her that I love her
And serve it in a cup

We love each other
We will make it work
Spend our lives together
We will make it work

Growing up, we knew how hard it’d be
To live our lives, with each other faithfully
How can we keep it up without any money
We’ll save it up and live without Until the days are sunny


Can you remember back in ’85?
The shows that we used to see
We’d catch 5 bands for a couple of bucks
Or try to sneak in for free

The shows were hot and the music was loud
And we’d all yell and sing along
Brothers and sisters of a common love
United and growing strong

The memories of times we had
I’ll never let ’em go
When my kids ask me what was it like?
You know I’m gonna let ’em know
Never let go, Never let go
It’s been there all along
Never let go, Never let go
Always keep the flame burning strong!

Well the years went by and we all grew up
And went our separate ways
But there’s always been something deep inside
That never went away

Now I look around at the kids today
And I see a little bit of me
And I know right now that I’ll never let go
Of everything we used to be


Looking at my television
Seeing life with no mission
Where’s my direction, where’s my strength
Look to myself for my faith

Nothing inside
Nothing inside
Nothing inside of me

Go to work and go to school
Try my best to act so cool
What’s the reason, what’s it for
Hope to life there’s something more


I don’t wanna hear your reasons
I don’t want your excuses
I don’t wanna hear about your rights
‘Cause I think you’re fucking useless

The system gave you every chance
And you pissed each one away
I’m tired of hearing all of your shit
So you better stay out of my way

It’s time we made a change
We gotta stand up and say
I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough of living this way
Always living in fear of our lives
‘Cause the system ain’t so tough
I’ve had enough!

Every time I watch the news
It makes me fucking sick
Another derelict criminal
Gets off with a slap on the wrist
Rob a bank and steal a car
Tell your wife it’ll be okay
Why can’t we have a justice system
That puts these people away?