October 2003 updates

Wow – it’s been a while since there was any kind of update from the Ambergris camp. A couple of items worth mentioning here – Ambergris is once again slated to open up for the Pork Dukes on Thanksgiving night. This is seemingly becoming some sort of annual tradition. Local favorites The Clap and the Lo-Fi’s will also be playing. You can get more info on the show by clicking here.

Ambergris is also planning on recording a few tracks for a new CD which we hope to have out in time for the show. Check back here for more info on that later.

In other news, Ambergris has become a foursome. Puppet has decided to take an extended, most likely permanent, leave of absence from Ambergris. We wish him the best of luck with whatever it is that he does to occupy his time. G will be assuming all of the guitar duties going forward.

Check out the pics from after the UK Subs show at the Jednota last weekend. We got some pretty cool shots of the Gris with Charlie Harper.

Other than that, not much else is going on. We pretty much have dropped out of sight for the past couple of months to relax and refocus. Now that winter is coming around again, we’re hoping to score lots more shows and work on some new material. Make sure you check back here every now and then to see what’s new. Hopefully we’ll have more frequent updates as the winter progresses.