November 2004 Update

Ok, so it’s been forever since I did an update, but that’s because it’s been forever since anything has been going on. But now I got some shit to report so here goes: Ambergris is once again slated to open some Pork Dukes shows this year. We’ll be playing a private party at the Jacksonian Club on Saturday November 20 (closed to the public), and then an all-age matinee show on Sunday November 21 at Jeff’s house in Catty, where they played last year. The Clap will be playing both shows, and there are a bunch of bands slated for the all-age show including The Complaints who will be playing for the first time since CattyFest last year. Come on out to that one if you can, it should be a good time. I’m also awaiting confirmation on a December 18 show at the Happy Tap, and it looks like we’re booked on December 28 at The Globe for an all-ages show with Settle, AmRevII and some other bands who are still awaiting confirmation. Plus, we’re trying to get a show with NJ’s Wretched Ones for early next year too. Nothing is confirmed on that yet, though, so keep checking back here. Details on all these shows can be found here.

We’re also planning on hitting the studio sometime in January or February, to record a full-length CD, as we now have about 8 or 9 new songs that have not yet been recorded, so look for that in the coming months.