2004 Holiday Update

Alright, so the year 2004 winds down to a close. First off – Happy Holidays to all you fuckers out there. Thanks for coming out to all our shows this past year, and helping make 2004 tons of fun.

Pics are up from the Happy Tap show on Dec. 18 here. Thanks to 21 Rounds and the SlamhoundS for making this a memorable show for all. Also thanks go out to Jim Bellizzi and everyone we played with at the Globe benefit show on December 28. I unfortunately have no pictures from that show, but a good time was had by all – kudos to Capgun Showdown, AmRevII, Let’s Kill Omaha, Defiant Trespass, and Better Than Nothing for doing great sets.

In other news, we’ve got a bunch more shows coming up in the next few weeks. Check us out at the Arch Street on January 7 with the FUX and 21 Rounds again. Also, make sure to come out for Blinky’s annual benefit show at St. Bernard’s on Saturday January 15. We’ll be playing along with Defiant Trespass, The Clap, Slamhounds, Lo-Fi’s, Stools and Wilson’s Wackos. That should be another killer show and it’s for a good cause, so get your lazy ass out of the house for it. Also, don’t forget Wretched Ones with us and Maddog Surrender on Saturday February 12. Word has it that an all-ages show is in the works for the end of February too, but nothing is confirmed yet. Details on all these shows can be found here.

Take care and have a safe and happy New Year. We’ll see all you troublemakers in 2005!!!