What The Hell Happened To Ambergris?

Ok, so you all are wondering “what the hell happened to Ambergris?”. Two months without a single update. Well, we’ve been busy so get off our ass! Tutfest ’05 came and went, and we had a great time as always. G managed to stay coherent enough to play this year, so overall it was easily our best ‘fest set to date.

We’re hard at work on the new CD. We record in three weeks, and it will officially be released a few weeks after that. Right now it’s looking like 12 brand new tracks, a few of which we’ve been playing live for a while, but a good deal of them never having been heard outside of Will’s basement. We’re all excited and you should be too.

The other little bit of news is that we landed ourselves on the Dickies show July 16 at the Sterling. More details can be found here. We have tickets if you’re interested. Contact us at ambergrislvhc@yahoo.com if you’d like to purchase one. We’re hoping to turn this into the CD release show for us, so come on out, see a bunch of great bands, have fun and grab your very own copy of the new disc.

That’s it for now – stay tuned as always for more updates and late breaking news.