New CD Recorded and Mixed

WHEW! So we just got done recording and mixing the new CD. We recorded the weekend of June 9-12, over about 20 grueling hours, with countless gallons of beer, blackberry brandy, rum, etc. and unhealthy amounts of pizza and Taco Bell consumed during. Then we went and mixed the damn thing last Thursday. It was a lot of work, but I think everyone is extremely pleased with the end result. We have the preliminary master copy and everything sounds great. If you want to preview two tracks, go to the downloads page and you can download “I Think There’s Something Wrong With You” and “No Clue”. As for more details on the release, here goes: The disc will contain 12 brand new never-before released Ambergris tracks. The title of the disc is “A Day Late And A Dollar Short”. We’re still working on arrangements to get the fucking thing pressed, but we’re planning on doing a CD release party at the Dickies show on July 16. This will be your first chance to hear a whole bunch of new material, about half of which has never even been played live.

In other news, Will informed me last night that we’re slated for the July 7th “Get Into The Act” review column in the Morning Call’s Go Guide. For all you non-locals, that’s the weekly entertainment section of the local paper – they run a short column each week on a local artist or group. This is of course very cool. Thanks go out to Rich Gensiak for hooking us up here.

That’s it for now – stay tuned in the next few weeks for more information as I get it.