Ambergris Live on WFMU

Ok, a few announcements first. We are confirmed for Friday February 24 at the Arch Street Hotel with New Jersey OI! kings Niblick Henbane, and fellow Lehigh Valley partners in crime Maddog Surrender. Details, as always, can be found here. Also – we’re going to be playing live on legendary independent radio station WFMU out of Jersey City on Pat Duncan’s show tomorrow night – Thursday January 26. You can catch his show and us live on 91.9 if you’re close enough to New York City, and if not, you can catch it live on the web at Radio webcasts are archived for a while up there so even if you miss this at first, you can download it and listen later.

Our January shows came and went – we had a blast at both of them. Many thanks to Paul from Dead End Drive for hooking us up down at Pourman’s – it was a late night, but we had fun nonetheless. Hopefully we’ll be back down that way again soon. And the Electric Frankenstein show was a big success too. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported so that we didn’t lose our ass putting that one together!

We have a few other things in the works – TutFest and CattyFest are coming up – dates have been tentatively announced, but nothing finalized yet. Word has it the Lo-Fi’s might be making a special return appearance at TutFest this year, but this is speculation at this point. We should have new merch soon – new t-shirts, stickers, and buttons are in the works as you read this. Also – we’re trying to set something up at the Brighton Bar in NJ again for Thursday March 16 with Born to Lose from TX, who we played with last year. Stay tuned for more details!