December Thoughts

Does anyone ever read these updates? Not much new to report – the Pork Dukes tour came and went, and as always we had a great time. Hope Bonk’s finally feeling better. Kingston and the Court Tavern were also both awesome shows and we had a great time playing both places. Hopefully we’ll be returning to both in the near future. In other news, we’re slated to play the Sterling on 12/22 with the Murder Junkies for those of you who remember G.G. Allin. We’re also at the Arch Street Hotel on 12/29 with a special guest to be named later. If you want details on this show, send us an email. All shows are listed in the shows section.

Also – at our next shows, look for a special limited edition one-song EP we’ll be releasing, containing the “Snoopy’s Christmas” song. We’ll also make this available via download here and on MySpace, but it’s always cooler to have the disc, isn’t it? This will be a one-off pressing, first come-first serve, when they’re gone they’re gone, so if you want one, let us know if you see us at a show.