Lyrics – This Blows


Oh my god, you better break down the door
The king of pop’s lying dead on the floor
Somebody call 9-1-1 cause
A fallen hero has up and gone

Media wolves lie in wait
See who’s the first one to break his fate
Let all the tributes start rolling in
A life in ruin put to a positive spin

And the city will cry a little tonight
And the world will forget the sins tonight

August 16th was the day
The king of rock and roll passed away
All his friends trying to remember what he had done
Trying to forget what his life had become

All the drugs, popping pills
Brought Memphis, Tennessee to a standstill
What a waste, what a shame
When you’ve only got yourself to blame

Hold false idols in high regard
Promises an early trip to the graveyard
So if you wanna get on with the show
Open the vice and let them go

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