March 2006 Updates

The Niblick Henbane and Born To Lose shows came and went and we had a great time as always. Both bands are great live and really cool guys to just hang out with and shoot the shit. Hopefully we’ll get more shows together in the future. Anyway – we got some new shit coming down the pipe. Tutfest is coming up on Saturday May 6. This is a private party, but if you’re interested in attending, get in touch with us and we may be able to hook you up. After that is CattyFest – scheduled for Saturday May 20. I’m awaiting details on time, location, etc. but as I get them I will post them. Then on Saturday May 27 we’re back at the Sterling after a 9 month hiatus with Far From Finished, which includes ex-members of Street Dogs, and The Project and The Sloppy Joes (tenatively). Big time thanks go to Ron Fathead from the Project for setting this up and getting us on the bill. After that we have Saturday June 10 at the ChampionShip out in Lemoyne PA. You’re asking yourself – where the fuck is Lemoyne? It’s right outside Harrisburg – we’ll be playing with Common Enemy, The Twats and the Poison Donuts. This one’s all ages so you kiddies should all ask mom and dad to drive you out to the show so you can check us out.

In other news, we’ll be appearing on a new compilation CD featuring Lehigh Valley bands which is being put together by Paul Blud of Dead End Drive. We got together last night and recorded a few of our new tracks so keep an eye out for this – hopefully there will be brand spankin new material for you Gris fans shortly. This should be available by summer time.

That’s it for now – hope to see you at the shows!

A little post-show St. Patty’s Day fun at the Brighton Bar