God I hate posting these news updates, but I felt I needed to do one for the special date. A bunch of shows came and went, and we had a great time. We played the East Coast OiFest back in April – thanks to Craig for getting us on the bill. We also did Tutfest which was a blast as always, and CattyFest, which was a decent set, even if there wasn’t a very big turnout. Finally, we played the Sterling again with The Harletts, who were awesome. The Valley of the Punks cd is out now too – you can order it here. We’re playing Harrisburg this weekend, then taking some time off to work on new material. We’ll be writing a bunch of new shit which has been sort of just bottling up over the past few months. Hopefully we can get something recorded and a new release out by the end of the year. That’s it for now.